Office & Group Yoga

All classes are customized to meet your needs, class styles can be blended together.

Options are offered in every class to help you embrace where you are in the moment.

You will need a quiet space that is large enough to accommodate the number of students in the class and their yoga mats.  

For Yoga classes each student will need a yoga mat, clothes they can move in, and a bottle of water.

For Guided Meditation students will need either something to lie on, such as a yoga mat or blanket, or a chair for seated meditation.  

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga (Ha – sun, Tha – moon) is a practice of creating balance through alignment-oriented yoga postures.  Emphasis is placed on core strength, flexibility, and balance as well as concentration and breath control.

Hatha uses less movement than Vinyasa and is easier on the knees and joints. Perfect for beginners as well as long time practitioners.

Mindful Vinyasa Flow

The Vinyasa practice links breath with movement, challenging you to move with awareness, control and intention.  Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic practice that builds strength, stamina, flexibility, balance between exertion and relaxation, and a quieter mind.

Stress Reducing Vinyasa Flow
Corporate Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

A quiet, meditative practice designed to increase flexibility by stretching connective tissue (fascia), which takes longer to stretch than muscle so Yin postures are held for 3 to 5 minutes.

Excellent for athletes and students with moderate flexibility, who are ready to go deeper into their practice.  All poses are done on the floor – no standing poses. This is a challenging practice for both body and mind.

I have personally found Yin to be very helpful for back pain.

Guided Meditation

Reap the benefits of Yoga and Meditation without lifting a finger.  Guided Meditation encourages deep relaxation of body and mind, and can be helpful in releasing physical tension & pain.

A great way to deepen your practice, or for those dealing with chronic illness.

Options: Seated or Lying Down, can be combined with movement and/ or silent meditation and relaxation.

Office Meditation

Classes in the Greater Philadelphia PA Area

Are typically held once or twice a week in 10, or 12 week sessions.  Class styles can change or remain the same for the next session.
Lower stress levels and increased wellbeing come with practice and repetition. The ideal class length is one that you are able to do on a consistent basis.

Classes are led by an Experienced Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher with CPR Certification & Liability Insurance.

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