Wellbeing Yoga & Meditation

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Exhale Stress, Inhale Ease & Joy

Wellbeing Yoga focuses on creating an energetic shift in mind, body, and spirit from stress and tension to lightness, balance, ease, inner strength, inner peace and happiness.

All students are encouraged and supported in personalizing their practice to meet their individual needs in the moment.

Classes & Workshops center around awareness, breath, intuition, mind body connection, and nurturing total wellbeing.

BEgin Yoga: Zen Level 1

BEgin: Zen Level 1

For those with high stress, more movement is often the kindest way to begin the process of shifting to a calmer mind and relaxed body.  Mindful movement, linked with breath, challenges you to move with awareness, control and intention.  BEgin builds strength, stamina, flexibility, balance between exertion and relaxation, and a greater sense of wellbeing.

BE Balanced Yoga: Zen Level 2

BE Balanced: Zen Level 2

A mix of movement and guided meditation to take you to deeper levels of stress reduction.  A practice of creating balance through stress relieving yoga postures, that can be gentle, active, or longer held poses.

Perfect for beginners as well as long time practitioners.

BE Aligned Yoga: Zen Level 3

BE Aligned: Zen Level 3

A quiet, meditative practice designed to create deep change in body and mind.  Improve posture and flexibility by stretching connective tissue (fascia), which takes longer to stretch than muscle.  Poses are held for 3 to 5 minutes and can be more Yin or Restorative depending on availability of props.

Excellent for practitioners with moderate flexibility.  All poses are done on the floor – no standing poses. This is a challenging practice for both body and mind.

I have personally found long held poses to be very helpful for reducing musculoskeletal pain.

BE Still Yoga: Zen Level 4

BE Still: Zen Level 4

Stillness is where the deepest healing benefits of Yoga movement and Meditation take root.

Guided Meditation is one of the easiest ways to get to deep states relaxation of body and mind. This practice is often helpful in releasing tension & pain, and supporting overall healing and wellbeing.

A great way to restore inner harmony, or for those dealing with chronic illness.

Options: Seated or Lying Down, can be combined with movement and/ or silent meditation and relaxation.

Students will need:

A Quiet space, large enough for the number of students and their yoga mats.  

For Yoga: a yoga mat, flexible clothing, water to drink. Optional props - yoga blocks, yoga strap, yoga blanket.

For Guided Meditation: either something to lie on, such as a yoga mat or blanket, or a chair for seated meditation. Optional - an extra layer or blanket for warmth.  

BE Aligned Yoga: Zen Level 3

Corporate & Group Classes

Reduce stress, increase wellbeing, build community, improve productivity, creativity, and satisfaction.

Yoga & Meditation are adaptable to a wide range of people.

Personal Yoga Classes

Personal Yoga & Meditation

Personal classes allow you to focus on your specific needs, work with illness or injury, move at your own pace and on your schedule. 

What Students Say:

My blood pressure is lower.
I'm sleeping better.
My back pain has improved.
I'm remembering to use the breathing and calming techniques during stressful situations.