Yoga & Meditation

Stress Management focused Classes & Workshops at your Location.

Perfect for Wellness initiatives and Special Events.

Wellness is an important aspect of a successful business or career.   Lowering stress and increasing wellbeing improve productivity, creativity, and satisfaction.

Workplace Guided Meditation Classes in Philadelphia PA area


Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation style that encourages deep relaxation of body and mind.  Guided meditation tends to have a quicker pay off than silent meditation because the mind has a task to keep it occupied.
That task is to relax, heal, and revitalize your mind, body, nervous system, and spirit.  Even on the days your mind wanders off a bit, this practice has great rewards.
Options: Seated or Lying Down, can be combined with movement and/ or silent meditation and relaxation.
What Students Say:
  • What Students Say: Has lowered my blood pressure. My sleep has improved. I'm remembering to use the breathing and calming techniques during stressful situations. Meditation in Philadelphia, Yoga in Philadelphia, wellness programs
  • My sleep has improved.
  • I'm remembering to use the breathing and calming techniques during stressful situations.

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Class are customized to meet your needs for time, and desired ratio of movement to meditation or relaxation.
Hatha Yoga  
A gentle yet effective practice that focuses on flexibility, relaxation, and opening the energy channels in the body.
Yin Yoga
A quiet, meditative practice.  Poses are held for 3 to 5 minutes to allow connective tissue, which is less pliable than muscle, time to stretch.  Excellent for students with moderate flexibility who are ready to go deeper into the practice.  All poses are done on the floor – no standing poses.
Stress Reducing Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Moving with the breath challenges you to move with awareness, control and intention.  Stress Reducing Flow builds strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance between exertion and relaxation.
Workplace Yoga and Meditation in Philadelphia PA area

Combined Yoga & Guided Meditation

Movement before meditation allows the body to be more comfortable, and the mind to relax more deeply.  Combining movement and guided meditation increases the benefits of both practices.  20 to 30 minutes
Savasana/ Relaxation/ Silent Meditation
Savasana is the final pose in Yoga, it is time to be quiet and still allowing the benefits of the practice to take hold in the body and mind.  A guided relaxation technique is followed by silent relaxation.  10 to 30 minutes

Yoga & Meditation are accessible to a wide range of people and have been shown to:

Lower - stress, anxiety, blood pressure, risk of heart disease, blood sugar, chronic pain, etc.

Improve - lung function, brain function, bone and muscular strength, flexibility, balance… and perhaps most importantly HAPPINESS, which has it’s own health and productivity rewards.