Yoga & Meditation

Reduce Stress & Increase Wellbeing

Yoga releases tension, creates suppleness, strength, and flexibility in the body. Meditation supports total wellbeing.

Focus on the mind body connection; create greater wellbeing by moving in a way that is attentive to your needs in the present moment.  Options are given to allow every student to personalize their practice based on their unique needs.

Corporate & Group Classes

Reduce stress, increase wellbeing, build community, improve productivity, creativity, and satisfaction.

Yoga & Meditation are adaptable to a wide range of people.

Personal Yoga & Meditation

Working one on one is a great way to start a yoga or meditation practice, deepen your current practice, and create a yoga practice specific to your needs.

What Students Say:

My blood pressure is lower.
I'm sleeping better.
My back pain has improved.
I'm remembering to use the breathing and calming techniques during stressful situations.


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