Yoga & Meditation

Classes Focus on Wellness & Stress Reduction

Hatha Yoga


Yoga creates suppleness, strength, and flexibility in the body.

It helps align the musculoskeletal system making the daily tasks required of your body easier to achieve.

Class are customized to meet your needs for time, and desired ratio of movement to meditation or relaxation. Yoga in Philadelphia and Northwest Suburbs.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation Carries Your Mind Away

Guided Mediation is a wonderful and easy way to incorporate wellness into your daily life and business.

It reduces stress, can reduce pain, improves overall wellbeing, and helps you be more productive, creative, and happy.

Can be done Seated or Lying down

Corporate & Group Classes

Take a break from the stress of the day.  Boost wellness, improve productivity, creativity, and satisfaction.

Yoga & Meditation are adaptable to a wide range of people.

Personal Yoga & Meditation

Working one on one is a great way to start a yoga or meditation practice, deepen your current practice, and create a yoga practice specific to your needs.

What Students Say:

My blood pressure is lower.
I'm sleeping better.
My back pain has improved.
I'm remembering to use the breathing and calming techniques during stressful situations.


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