Yoga Requires a Steady Comfortable Posture

Steady Comfortable Posture

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In Yoga Sutra 2.46, Patanjali speaks of a establishing a Steady Comfortable Posture. This is sage advice for long hours of mediation, and for life in general. Steady and comfortable is not to say that things stay the same, but it’s a concept of working in a sustainable manner that doesn’t give rise to ripples […]

Spring Forward

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February is my fake it till I make it month.  No matter what I do my energy continues to plummet during the month, I just hold on for the first breath of spring.  And now thankfully March is here and I can feel life returning to my brain and body. To make the most of […]


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The state of Yoga, or the ultimate goal of Yoga, is to have control over your mind.  To not let the mind run away with us, leaping from one thought to the next.  A mind that doesn’t have us running around in circles, chasing our tails, seeking happiness in places we will never find it. […]