Release & Transform Toxic Energy with Visual Imagery

Meditation & Transforming Toxic Energy

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Someone posed a question about visual imagery and releasing pain during meditation, which got me thinking.   For me the visual imagery during meditation is very important, if a visual suggestion doesn’t sit right with me my mind will obsess on one thought. The question posed was about how to be comfortable sending toxic energy out […]

Spring Forward

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February is my fake it till I make it month.  No matter what I do my energy continues to plummet during the month, I just hold on for the first breath of spring.  And now thankfully March is here and I can feel life returning to my brain and body. To make the most of […]

Creating Powerful Working Relationships

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Money and power complicate business relationships. When someone has the power to fire you, thereby drastically reducing your income, it restricts your level of openness and honesty. Intellectually we know it’s detrimental to the entire organization when a limited number of voices are heard. In practice, even businesses with open door policies rarely really hear […]