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Salon & Spa Wellness Makeover - Online Workshop

Infusing Wellness into services and creating Mindful Experiences is a rewarding and profitable way to build your business.

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Retailing with Intention - Online Workshop

Salon and Spa Education in Philadelphia PA and online. Incorporate wellness, increase client satisfaction and retention, align with your purpose and love what you do even more. Free Trial of The Salon and Spa Wellness Makeover

Salon & Spa Stress Management Guide - free download

This guide was designed specifically for employees, owners, and mangers of Salons & Spas; to help you manage the day to day stresses that come along with the joys of salon and spa life.

Managing stress is part of taking care of yourself so that you can live your best life, and offer your clients the level of service that keeps them coming back for more.

Corrective Color Fundamentals - free download

Any time a change is made to the tone or level of previously colored hair it is considered a corrective color service, or a color change.

Each Color Change/ Correction is unique and takes thought and strategy.  Breaking the process down to the fundamentals will help you formulate an expert color correction service.

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