FAQS & Rates


Greater Philadelphia PA Area - Workplace Classes

Classes are led by an Experienced Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher with CPR Certification & Liability Insurance.

Corporate & Group Classes

Are typically held once or twice a week in 10, or 12 week sessions.  Class styles can change or remain the same for the next session.

Lower stress levels and increased wellbeing come with practice and repetition. The ideal class length is one that you are able to do on a consistent basis. Corporate Wellness in Philadelphia, Corporate Meditation in Philadelphia

Class Space

You will need a quiet space that is large enough to accommodate the number of students in the class and their yoga mats.  

For Yoga classes each student will need a yoga mat, clothes they can move in, and a bottle of water.

For Guided Meditation students will need either something to lie on, such as a yoga mat or blanket, or a chair for seated meditation.  


Up to 60 Minute Class $120

75 Minute Class $140

90 Minute Class $160

Workshops & Events

Fees vary based on location and specific details of the programs.

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