Yoga Requires a Steady Comfortable Posture

Steady Comfortable Posture

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In Yoga Sutra 2.46, Patanjali speaks of a establishing a Steady Comfortable Posture. This is sage advice for long hours of mediation, and for life in general. Steady and comfortable is not to say that things stay the same, but it’s a concept of working in a sustainable manner that doesn’t give rise to ripples […]


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The state of Yoga, or the ultimate goal of Yoga, is to have control over your mind.  To not let the mind run away with us, leaping from one thought to the next.  A mind that doesn’t have us running around in circles, chasing our tails, seeking happiness in places we will never find it. […]

Complexities of Customer Satisfaction

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If you work in a service industry you know that working with people is complicated.  You love people and you hate people.  They make your day and they destroy you, nothing can make you feel better and nothing can make you feel worse than people.   You’ve worked hard to learn your craft, you are […]

Yoga is… a GPS for Your Life

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The guiding principle of Yoga is that we can all find bliss by training our minds to observe what is, rather than react to the conclusions our minds jump to.  The 8 limbs of Yoga are more than a practice, they outline a way of living that leads to a quiet mind and true peace. […]

Non-Attachment, the Path to Growth

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Tibetan Buddhist Monks spend countless hours creating intricate sand mandalas only to sweep them away, symbolizing that nothing is permanent. Change is the only constant. When starting a business, or a new job, we don’t really know what will work; but it’s so easy to get attached to our ideas. We have a vision in […]