Non-Attachment, the Path to Growth

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Tibetan Buddhist Monks spend countless hours creating intricate sand mandalas only to sweep them away, symbolizing that nothing is permanent. Change is the only constant. When starting a business, or a new job, we don’t really know what will work; but it’s so easy to get attached to our ideas. We have a vision in […]

Bruce Jenner, the Journey of Us All

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I’m fascinated by Bruce Jenner’s story. Because he is famous I have an impression of who he is, which seems manly to me. He’s competitive, plays golf, flies miniature airplanes, typical guy stuff. But now he says hold on that has nothing to do with my feelings and who I really am. This makes me […]


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“The Voice” is one of the few television shows that I find uplifting. The coaching dynamic is what keeps me watching, many of the singing styles are unappealing to me, but I love the positive energy. Every time I watch I say “I want to work in that type of environment.” Having Coaches rather than […]