Non-Attachment, the Path to Growth

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Tibetan Buddhist Monks spend countless hours creating intricate sand mandalas only to sweep them away, symbolizing that nothing is permanent. Change is the only constant. When starting a business, or a new job, we don’t really know what will work; but it’s so easy to get attached to our ideas. We have a vision in […]

Aromatherapy Basics

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Aromatherapy, in a nutshell, is the use of essential oils through application to the skin, inhalation, or ingestion. Uses range from the simple enjoyment of aromas to treatment of illness and skin conditions.

Bruce Jenner, the Journey of Us All

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I’m fascinated by Bruce Jenner’s story. Because he is famous I have an impression of who he is, which seems manly to me. He’s competitive, plays golf, flies miniature airplanes, typical guy stuff. But now he says hold on that has nothing to do with my feelings and who I really am. This makes me […]


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Lemon Essential Oil smells clean and fresh and appeals to many.  I’ve found using it a diffuser helps lift my spirits and energy.  Lemon has helped me get through many days when I’ve had trouble focusing or hit my afternoon slump. Try it in your home or work place to help: Lift your energy without […]


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“The Voice” is one of the few television shows that I find uplifting. The coaching dynamic is what keeps me watching, many of the singing styles are unappealing to me, but I love the positive energy. Every time I watch I say “I want to work in that type of environment.” Having Coaches rather than […]

Creating Powerful Working Relationships

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Money and power complicate business relationships. When someone has the power to fire you, thereby drastically reducing your income, it restricts your level of openness and honesty. Intellectually we know it’s detrimental to the entire organization when a limited number of voices are heard. In practice, even businesses with open door policies rarely really hear […]

Joyful Success


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New Year’s Resolutions center on what we want to create for the coming year. Each January the gym is bursting at the seams with dedicated new members. By February the crowds have thinned and the gym returns to normal. Resolutions are often broken because they focus on things we think we should do rather than […]