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The state of Yoga, or the ultimate goal of Yoga, is to have control over your mind.  To not let the mind run away with us, leaping from one thought to the next.  A mind that doesn’t have us running around in circles, chasing our tails, seeking happiness in places we will never find it. […]


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On my first night in India, many years ago, I purchased a bracelet of Jasmine flowers from a young man in the street.  Out of all the sensory inputs that India has to offer I remember the smell of Jasmine the most, well that and the crazy hot food we ate that night. It’s a […]

Take a Breath for Peace

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The anger monster lives in all of us.  News reports speak of people who commit violence as different.  Just as people who commit violent acts see their victims as different.  We are all the same, rage is but a heartbeat.   How do we know which of us will explode next? Through science we know […]


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Having given myself a mild sunburn yesterday, it seems appropriate to say a word about the wonders of Lavender.  A few drops mixed with a teaspoon of Jojoba oil quickly reduced the stinging of my overly pink skin.  I’ve also had great results using it on the allergy related rashes. Mild topical anesthetic Calming – […]