Radio Silence: A Daily Retreat

Radio Silence: A Daily Retreat

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For several weeks now I’ve been practicing Radio Silence in my car.   The car is in some ways to perfect place for silence.  For many, it is a place where we are frequently alone.  And it’s a place where we are frequently on stimulation overload. Driving is Stressful There are so many things to be […]

Meditation Imagery

Meditation & Transforming Toxic Energy

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Someone posed a question about releasing pain during meditation, which got me thinking.   For me the visual imagery during meditation is very important, if something doesn’t sit right with me my mind will obsess on one thought. The question was about how to be comfortable sending toxic energy out into the universe.  What a great […]

The Universe Whispers in My Ear

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The Universe whispers in my ear.  I ignore it.  It doesn’t make sense.  I can figure it out, why I’m here, what I’m supposed to do, in a logical manner.  But the universe always wins, there is always an intervention I didn’t see coming. Only when I’m quiet, when I stop being analytical, can I […]

Neck Pain Tip

Neck & Shoulder Pain Tip

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Neck and shoulder pain are common, perhaps especially in this industry. We hold our bodies in odd positions and frequently have our arms up. So what do you do when pain flares up? Our bodies change from day to day and moment to moment.  The yoga pose that worked for you yesterday, this morning, or […]

Candy Free Office

Candy Free Salon

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If you offer candy to co-workers or clients, consider skipping the sugar spike, create a candy free salon or spa, and offer meditation stones instead.  River rocks are inexpensive and can be picked up in the floral department of your local craft store. Holding a stone lightly in your hand gives your mind something peaceful […]