We are BEAUTY entwined in bodies. We are mind, body and spirit ENTWINED into unique individuals. Our existence is entwined with the BEAUTY of our planet. We are BEAUTY when we are aware that our lives are ENTWINED together.


Life is a Journey

Somehow I always knew I wanted to work with people, but I was so freaking shy it's amazing to me that I have pulled that off.  Becoming a hairdresser forced me to talk to people, but the first few years there was a lot of silence in my chair.
When I decided to make the leap to get an M.B.A., Organization and Human Resource Management become my focus.  From my perspective people are the most important asset of any business, clients and employees alike.
Before all of that I dropped out of high school, cleaned hotel rooms, and traveled overseas with my sister.  By some twist of fate we ended up spending time learning about Buddhism in a monastery not far from Kathmandu.   Traveling thru India and Nepal at 18 forever changed my life. While it was very difficult in many ways, I am eternally grateful to have seen a vastly different way of life.
Another twist along the path led me to a Yoga teacher training.  Now I bring the concepts I have learned from life, Buddhism, hairdressing, business school, and Yoga into my practice of helping professionals create meaningful success.
My path has not been straight forward, there have been many hurdles to overcome, all of which have been blessings in disguise and led me to the path I was meant to walk.
Empowerment and Success

You have the opportunity to change the way people feel every day!

That is HUGE, and POWERFUL  You should be well rewarded for the positive impact you have on people's lives.

The biggest challenge in being more successful is often self-confidence.

Believing that you can do it and believing that you deserve it can be a struggle, especially for women.
I'm here to help you get past the stumbling blocks that are holding you back, help you define and achieve your dreams all while making the world a better place with each client that you touch.
I call my teaching and coaching style a holistic people centered approach to service and business.
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Christie Baxter

If you want to grow your business or career in a holistic, less stressed, happiness center, and maybe even change the world kind of way...




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