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The thing I love most about yoga is that it is adaptable to all people and all ways of life. It can be as simple or complex as you need it to be in any given moment. Your yoga might focus on the body, or on the mind, or on the spirit, or on your whole being and way of life; it is your choice.

Practicing Yoga has helped reduce the chronic pain I have experienced for decades, mostly due to scoliosis.  It has helped me through stressful times and taught me much about creating balance and living a happy life.


This is a question we must ask when on the path to happiness. We are trained from the moment we are born to do as others tell us, so how do we find and stay on our true path? By continually questioning why, asking what our hearts have to say, by listening to our inner wisdom, and changing the way we think about happiness and success.

The ultimate goal of Yoga is to find the true self, so why would your practice look exactly like that of someone else?

My Goal

Is to help you carve out your own path; one that embraces who you are. what you value, all while creating balance and harmony in your body, mind, spirit, and life.  I don't have cookie cutter answers, just tools to help you tap into your inner spirit and follow your dreams.

Christie Bio pic

A Bit About Me - Christie

Having my photo taken is something I don't enjoy, so this one's been hanging around awhile.  I'm not as shy as I once was, but traces still remain.

  • Yoga Alliance E-RYT200
  • CPR / AED / First Aid
  • BA – Art History
  • MBA – Organizational Behavior

Life has definitely been a journey, from high school drop out, to hairdresser, to MBA, to Yoga Teacher, I never saw most of the twists coming.  Some have been happy, some not so much, but all have taught me much about listening to my inner wisdom.

Traveling through India and Nepal with my sister, when I was just 18, was one of the most profound events in my life and continues to influence me these many years later.  

A chance meeting of another American led us to Buddhist Monastery not far from Kathmandu. There we were immersed in the traditions of Buddhism.  Ok, it was too much immersion for me, and I practically got booted out for not being compliant enough - always was one to question why - none the less I will be eternally grateful for the experience and the wisdom that was shared with me there. 

The Present

Now I bring the lessons and concepts I have learned from life, Buddhism, hairdressing, business school, training, and Yoga into my practice of helping others create happiness and meaningful success.

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