Success Takes Practice and Patience

Success Takes Practice & Patience

If you feel like things in your life aren’t changing fast enough you are not alone.

Personal and professional accomplishment take time and can’t be forced, no matter how hard we try. It takes focus, practice and patience. When we push too hard to be farther along on the path we stress ourselves out and often end up burnt out and uninspired to keep moving forward.
In school few of us skip grades, we work our way through step by step. In yoga we can’t force our bodies into poses they are not ready to accept.  Reducing the curve, and pain, of my functional scoliosis has been a slow and steady process of surrender, allowing transformation to unfold as it will. Being able to sit still in meditation has required patience and practice slow process both physically and mentally.
Careers and business are the same, we have to learn and evolve over time. Why are we always in such a rush to get to a different place?
The mindset of needing more, or to be better, is a double edged sword.  It moves us forward, learning and growing.  But it also sets us up for stress and discontentment rather than the happiness we seek.
Striving for Success is striving to be happy.  To actually be happy requires living in the present moment, not living for someday in the future.  To be happy and successful now is in some ways to embrace all of things we have not yet become. Non-Striving is one one of the things yoga aims to teach us about being happy, to have bliss in this present moment while we still work to to attain our goals, to create better lives.
Create your goals, write them down, keep focused on them every day, keep working toward them, but know that transformation takes time, practice, and patience.  Allowing transformation, in any aspect of life, to unfold is a wellness practice, part of the path of a less stressed out, healthier, and happier life.