Meditation & Transforming Toxic Energy

Release & Transform Toxic Energy with Visual Imagery

Someone posed a question about visual imagery and releasing pain during meditation, which got me thinking.   For me the visual imagery during meditation is very important, if a visual suggestion doesn’t sit right with me my mind will obsess on one thought.

The question posed was about how to be comfortable sending toxic energy out into the universe.  What a great question to ponder!  Yoga and meditation are about transformation and shifting energy.  They way I see it energy isn’t inherently good or bad, its just energy.  Some energy we like and some we don’t.

It’s when we hold on to energy in the form of thoughts, cling to them, obsess over them, that thought energy becomes toxic. Hoarding thoughts is where they festers and become toxic in our bodies and minds.

The physical pain that comes from stress, tension, or other medical reasons, can also be seen as an excess of energy, locked into a small space, the space of one human being. Its an over abundance of painful energy in the body.

So rather than visualizing bad or toxic energy out into the universe, try visualizing setting the pain free.  Imagine letting pain leave your body, mind and nervous system.  Imagine it like releasing a wild animal or flock of birds and the joy that is created by setting the energy free.

Or try seeing pure energy transform as it leaves your body. You can visualize pain as a dark color that becomes lighter as it leaves the body and the body becoming lighter in color and weight as it leaves.

Releasing pain, stress, and tension is an important part of wellbeing, for you, your family, your business, the planet.  If yoga and meditation aren’t your thing, talk to a therapist, friend, a minister, a crisis hotline, anyone who will help you let it out in a constructive manner.