The Universe Whispers in My Ear

The Universe Whispers in My Ear

The Universe whispers in my ear.  I ignore it.  It doesn’t make sense.  I can figure it out, why I’m here, what I’m supposed to do, in a logical manner.  But the universe always wins, there is always an intervention I didn’t see coming.

Only when I’m quiet, when I stop being analytical, can I really make any sense at all of my life.  Stillness allows the random dots of my existence begin to form a shape, a pattern, a substance.

As I sit down to dream my dreams for 2017 I realize that the dreams of life often begin as dreams do; fuzzy, blurry, disjointed pieces, that make it difficult to put into words a clear vision of what I intend.  But the seeds, the dots, are there, the whisper in my ear waiting for me to be quiet, still, and open to the words of creation that I long to hear.

We live in an analytical world where things must be proven, logical, linear. Yet we are emotional spiritual being who aren’t necessarily to happy when we only listen to logic. What is the Universe whispering in your ear? How will you create balance between logic and emotion to find success and happiness simultaneously?