The state of Yoga, or the ultimate goal of Yoga, is to have control over your mind.  To not let the mind run away with us, leaping from one thought to the next.  A mind that doesn’t have us running around in circles, chasing our tails, seeking happiness in places we will never find it.

This is no easy task in today’s world.  I frequently question how to accept what is, allow what comes, and continue moving forward at the same time.

The only answer I have is Practice.  It’s easier to see in my Yoga practice how simply practicing; without trying to figure everything out, without intensity, without a plan for how many repetitions, how fast, how far, how much, has moved me forward and not made my mind crazy.  It’s not about any specific pose or routine, it’s just about doing the practice with a focus on feeling well.

Practice the big picture.

Yoga: If you have a New Years Resolution to be healthier, let that be your guiding vision rather than how hard you should practice.  Allowing your practice to evolve will take you farther and help you avoid the burn and crash syndrome.

Life: Notice what truly makes you happy, weed out what doesn’t.  Make space for the joyful experiences you want to create in your life.

Business:  Keep focused on your vision, the path may deviate from time to time, don’t let your mind run in circles around problems and details.

When we get into a place of forcing things we usually aren’t on the right path, and certainly aren’t happy – so what’s the point?  The point of Yoga, Life and Work is to be happy.

Practice the big picture of being happy this new year.