Yoga is… a GPS for Your Life

The guiding principle of Yoga is that we can all find bliss by training our minds to observe what is, rather than react to the conclusions our minds jump to.  The 8 limbs of Yoga are more than a practice, they outline a way of living that leads to a quiet mind and true peace.


  • Ahimsa – non-violence
  • Satya – truthful in thought, speech, and action
  • Asteya –  non-stealing
  • Brahmacharya – fidelity
  • Aparigraha – non-greediness


  • Saucha – purity in body, thoughts, actions, and speech
  • Santosha – contentment
  • Tapas – deep meditation
  • Svadhyaya –  self study
  • Ishvarapranidhana – connecting with the divine

Asana – poses

Pranayama – breathing practices

Pratyahara – withdrawing from the physical senses

Dharana – deep concentration

Dhyana – meditation

Samadhi – achieving an ever present meditative state of serenity

Yoga is a guide, it is not a destination.  We each will take different paths and Yoga is a framework to keep us heading toward the destination of peace, bliss, serenity, happiness, whatever you choose to call it.

3 thoughts on “Yoga is… a GPS for Your Life

  1. Lovely. I particularly like the idea of yoga as a guide. Too many practices and practitioners think they have the answer.

  2. yoga is our gps… what a great way to put it! i love it 🙂 so true! and on top of being the gps system, it is also the road itself and the destination 🙂

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