Detoxing My Life Beyond Juice and Vitamins

My responsibility as a consumer has been weighing heavily on my mind.  I think being a lifelong recycler has lulled me into a false sense of absolution.  I can’t put the Pandora back in her box, recycling doesn’t undo the process of consuming.

The toxins I’m exposed to aren’t limited to what I put in or on my body.  There is a chain of unhealthy byproducts linked to everything I buy; created by driving to the store, the trucks, planes, trains, and ships that delivered the products to the store, to the shipping of raw materials to make the products, the manufacturing process, the packaging, and on and on.

Even if I only bought “green” products there would still be a toxic trail that leads directly back to me, my wants, desires and needs.  My conclusions?

  1. Buying Less, will make the biggest difference.
  2. Buying Quality, longer life items will make me buy less.
  3. Shop Thrift First.
  4. Buy Greener.

The fashion industry is well know for it’s toxic practices, and top on my list of things to buy greener.  Greenpeace has been working on reducing toxins in the garment industry.

Read about companies committing to change here:

What the fashion industry looks like after 4 years of Detox | Greenpeace International.