A Holistic, Vision & People centered approach to Business, Happiness, and Success.









The Pursuit of Success is the Pursuit of Joy, and the Dream of...

Making a difference.

Work/ life balance.

Loving what you do everyday.

Great relationships with co-workers, managers, and employees.

Financial success and security.

I help individuals and business owners manifest their dreams of balance, wellbeing, and joyful success.

Tap into your vision, creativity, and individuality.

Online and On-Location Workshops & Coaching to help you grow your business and pursue your dreams.

Salon & Spa Business Education

I help Salon & Spa Professionals build their businesses in a holistic, people and happiness centered way.  Build wellness into all aspects of your business, services, management, team building, and success.
Online and in-salon workshops and coaching, free business building resources.

Wellness & Vision Centered Yoga & Meditation

Wellness is an important aspect of cultivating powerful/ high functioning teams, and building a successful business or career.
Lowering stress and increasing wellbeing improve productivity, creativity, and satisfaction.

10 Sense Guide to Managing Stress at Work

This FREE guide helps you take a proactive approach to stress and wellbeing by managing sensory inputs and their effects on the nervous system, body, mind, and spirit.

Talk to Me...

I custom design classes and coaching to help you meet your goals.  Contact me via the contact page for more information and a consultation.