Wellness is a Practice

Our lives, circumstances, and health are constantly shifting.  Wellness is a practice of balancing out the unhealthy elements in our lives with healthy ones, on a regular and ongoing basis.

It's not a quest for perfection, just working to nurture wellbeing in a way that works for you.

Stress Management is Key

Stress puts our autonomic nervous system on overload, always on high alert, stuck in fight or flight mode.  Mindful practices help keep stress in check and calm down the nervous system, which in turn benefits every aspect of wellbeing.

Stress Management and Wellness is a Whole Life & Work Practice

Wellness is much more than physical fitness, it's total wellbeing; Mind, Body & Spirit.

Work influences our lives, life influences our work. The health of our work is intertwined with our personal health. Business success is intertwined with our own wellness and that of our co-workers and employees.

Work is a major source of stress, especially in the age of technology, ping - our attention is pulled in another direction and our nervous system takes another hit.

Stress, Wellness, Happiness, Productivity, Communication, Teamwork, Accomplishment, Purpose, Success... can all be improved by incorporating mindful practices and habits into your life and business.

Salon & Spa Wellness Training

If you work in the Salon & Spa Industry, you have a profound opportunity to help people reduce stress and increase wellbeing.  You can change the world with each client that you touch.

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Beauty Entwined workshops offer a holistic perspective on Salon and Spa services, and the business of beauty.